As it’s just me doing the designing and alll the other things sometimes there can be a bit of a delay but generally once I begin with your design I will have it completed within 3 working days. Keep in mind I will only start designing your album once I have confirmation of payment and your images.

The print houses take anywhere between 15 working days and 28 working days to print your order. Once I place your order with the printers, I will receive an estimated deadline on when to expect the album which I will confirm with you once I confirm your album has gone to print.

Definitely! I love creating something special for grandparents, parents and aunts and uncles and well, anyone really! If you think they deserve a copy or even their own album, let us know and we can quote on a duplicate album price. Remember, if you order multiple copies of your album, your design fee will only be charged once.

Yes we do. Gifting is our game and we love the fact that you would want to give someone you love a gift as precious as an heirloom album. To order your gift card, you would simply email us with the amount you’d like to gift, we will then invoice you and create a card for you to print to give to your loved one.

As I am based in Durban, that is only going to be possible for clients who are either living in Durban or visiting. We do offer studio sit downs to talk through the album process however there is a fee of R450 to cover our time spent away from our design schedule. This will be invoiced and be payable prior to visiting.

My suggestion is as follows:

20 pages  – 80 photos | 40 pages – 100 photos | 60 pages – 120 photos | 80 pages – 140 photos

Honestly, I don’t have a favourite, as they are all beautiful and are all incredible quality. I always tell my clients to try to pick what they love the most that will allow them to include the most images. So if you love the A3 Layflat but can only afford 20 pages, rather take an A4 Layflat with more pages so you can include more images because when you’re old and grey, you’re going to appreciate seeing more photos of special memories than what you will appreciate a big album.

Dropbox or WeTransfer is best.

Absolutely! Part of my service includes one full album revision prior to print. So I will design the album and then send you a link over email where you will be able to proof a digital copy of your design and make any last minute changes you might have.

Any extra revisions are charged at R200 per spread (per 2 pages) and will be invoiced prior to sending the album to print.

Typically, it is better if you do the image selection yourself. I do not hold the images with the same reference or memory as you do and thus will end up picking the image based on look and quality. However if you would like me to do this on your behalf we can offer this service, at an additional fee.

Unfortunately, no. We keep designs on file for a maximum of 3 months but should we need the hard drive space, we might not even have it on file for that long. If you would like additional copies, then can be ordered at the time the design is ordered or within a month after receiving your order.

Provided we are not making any changes to the original design, then your will only be invoiced for one design. Should you wish to have multiple copies but change the layout to one or two pages, then we charge a per page design fee to cover our time for the additional work.

Indeed! We love all types of albums and have completed many lifetime remembrance albums, kitchen tea albums, holiday and honeymoon albums, babies first year – you name it, we’ve done it (and love them all!)

Our albums come with a small safety card explaining the best way to keep your album in the best shape for the rest of its life. You can also order beautiful storage boxes in either wibalin (a linen material) or wood from us which can be personalised at an additional cost.

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