I'm so pleased you're here.

You’ve made it this far and I’m so pleased to be able to help you work better and smarter in your photography business.

Let me guess… you’re feeling a little burnt out? You started your photography journey because you l-o-v-e-d taking photos and realised you’re pretty good at it… but then reality kicked in and you realised how much extra time you were spending on your add on products like usbs, prints, folio boxes and albums?

These products are vital to your brand but require time and skills you either don’t have or don’t want to part with because you know your time is better utilised elsewhere.

That’s where Elysian Creative steps in.

It’s rather simple: you send us your photographs and we design your albums. Ok, it’s slightly more complicated than that so let’s clarify:

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Right now, you will need to fill out our quote form which can be found here

In this form we ask a few basic questions about the type of album (wedding, family etc) and then get all the finer details like size, page amount, cover choices etc and our nifty system will auto quote you within a few hours. You will have the option to either approve the quote or request a new one should it not be perfect. 

Once you’re happy we move onto the next steps: Designing. 


Each and every album we design is a one of kind and no design is ever duplicated. No common design templates can be found on the premises!

Using award winning design software and a style that is unique to our Studio, most designs are very reflective of our clients as we make your images the hero of the design. 

As the photographer you can make the choice as to which images to include or the choice can be left up to your clients. Where your clients are making the selections themselves, Elysian Creative can manage this process on your behalf.


Our printing process is relatively simple.

Upon invoicing you for the album design, if you’ve opted for Elysian Creative to manage the process, we would have confirmed the details which will let us know which printer to choose.

Most printers take between 2-4 weeks for delivery with some up to 6 weeks. Keep in mind, printers also have peak seasons, which can cause delays. Print fees are adapted once yearly with some printers increasing fees every 3 months. This inflation is paramount to your planning when booking your albums with clients at the start of their wedding journey.

We work with a number of reputable South African printers and are always happy to discuss alternative print sources.


we've got your back friend

One of our very personal offerings is the option to manage your clients on your behalf.

We realise that the time building up to the bridal couple’s special day is both exciting and exhausting for you and once you reach the end of that period, all you want to do is complete their wedding photo edits and start on your next project/client or even… (gasp!) take a day off or see your family – sound familiar?

We know clients don’t always understand this. They’ve invested in you and expect you to be fully invested in them right until the very end but we also know, you’re a human being and you have your limits.

That’s why, we offer client management – so that you can get to the point of the album design process and you can explain to them who we are and we will take it from there.

It is genuinely exciting for us to receive the bridal couples images and having a fresh set of eyes to design something completely unique is often wonderful and educational for both parties. You get to see how we view your art and their memories and how we weave that story to create a keepsake that will last a lifetime.


Our albums are packaged beautifully in our custom tissue paper and each receives a handwritten note, a voucher for our online store and an instruction card on how to correctly care for the album. We have beautiful craft boxes we package our albums in that securely hold it in place to ensure as little damage as possible occurs during transit.


As it’s just me doing the designing and alll the other things sometimes there can be a bit of a delay but generally once I begin with your design I will have it completed within 3 working days. Keep in mind I will only start designing your album once I have confirmation of payment and your images.

The print houses take anywhere between 15 working days and 28 working days to print your order. Once I place your order with the printers, I will receive an estimated deadline on when to expect the album which I will confirm with you once I confirm your album has gone to print.

As I am based in Durban, that is only going to be possible for clients who are either living in Durban or visiting. We do offer studio sit downs to talk through the album process however there is a fee of R450 to cover our time spent away from our design schedule. This will be invoiced and be payable prior to visiting.

Dropbox, WeTransfer or a Pixieset favs link works well too!

At every point of email communication with your client, you are bcc’d in on. We offer a full management service where you can just keep a watchful eye but don’t actually have to do anything except look like the supreme professional that you are. 

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Please Note: None of the below finishes are available on Printed covers. Ensure your selection is applicable to the cover you have selected for accurate quotation