Album Types Explained

Album shapes or orientations are pretty self explanatory but it helps to understand exactly what it is that you are investing in so we've put together a short synopsis of the different options below:


Square albums are exactly that, square shaped. They are best suited to images in portrait format and work well with shots where the subject is smaller than the rest of the frame. These albums are available in the following sizes: 

17cm x 17cm 
20cm x 20cm
30cm x 30cm

This shape is only available in our Hard Cover and Layflat album option. 


Landscape albums have shorter spines than the length of the page and work very well for both portrait and and landscape format images. They work very well to show off images that can be laid out over two pages. These albums are available in the following sizes: 

12cm x 17cm
20cm x 30cm
30cm x 40cm

Hard Cover: 
15 x 20cm
27cm x 30cm
30cm x 40cm


Portrait albums are not as robust as square or lay flat as the spine carries a lot more of the strain of the weight of the album. It is for this reason that this format is not offered in Layflat albums because the paper is much thicker and automatically,  heavier. 

Unfortunately portrait is not an option in the layflat format.

Hard Cover:
26cm x 30cm

Soft Cover:
21.5cm x 29cm