Welcome to my Elysian Vision

I’m Cassandra, a self-confessed romantic who married my high school sweetheart, travelled across South Africa with him and eventually landed in sunny Durban, where we now live with our fur babies, Travis Barker – laziest Jack Russell known to man – and Sooki – the sweetest, most gentle Border Collie ever.

I’m pretty dorky… I love to laugh. I love to sing. I love to cook. I love to create. I’m pretty crap at one of those four. Lucky for me it doesn’t influence my work. Elysian Creative is the culmination of 6 years of self-discovery and I’m so excited to share my passion for design with a community of people who love photos. I love how a photograph can transport you back to a moment otherwise gone. My favourite thing in the world is to treasure these keepsakes of your memories and nothing makes me happier than putting them together in a pretty package and knowing you’ll be displaying them in your home. I absolutely love this job. Designing albums is kind of a weird thing to describe to people when they ask what your day job is. I’m thinking I’ll rather tell people I’m a creative entreprenuer. Sounds way fancier.

If you’re in my hood, call me, I’d love to meet for a coffee!

x Cassandra

Director & Designer of Elysian Creative